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Current Releases

This Hurst, in contrast to previous years, is one of the most accessible of our 2014 wines early on. Even with the slightest hint of air, the site's inherent poise is revealed through the wine's fresh, spotlit aromatics, lively mouthfeel, and liquid tannins. This wine, while quite accessible early on, will reward short- and medium-term cellaring.
$48.00  / Bottle
$26.00  / Bottle
Upon comparison to previous vintages, the 2014 Weir pinot offers a denser pallet weight. Ample acidity provides the backbone for this bolder expression of fruit. With a touch more new oak for this vintage, our goal was to provide a hint of texture that would weave harmoniously with the characteristic red fruit and mineral-acid profile.
$48.00  / Bottle
$58.00  / Bottle
 This wine, our first wine from the 2017 vintage, is a gleaming reminder of the joys of rosé. The growing season started warm and only got hotter. We harvested the grapes at the perfect time right before another big heat wave, preserving the low brix in the grapes and ensuring the rosé’s dryness.

Lively aromatics of fresh fruit and zesty citrus overlay a mouthwatering palate full of warm summer fruits and refreshing acidity.
$28.00  / Bottle
The wine's nose bursts with a bright floral mix of pink jasmine and orange blossom, with background notes of wet stone. On the palate lively yellow fruit, apple, pear nectar and lightly toasted pecans, are restrained and focused by generous natural acids, with hints of slate which guide a direct, tactile finish.
$32.00  / Bottle
The Teac-Mor Vineyard produced a vivid, direct interpretation of Chardonnay: immediate notes of fresh herbs and citrus rind give definition to a surprisingly multifaceted palate, full of wet stone, lush fruit, and linear acidity.
$40.00  / Bottle
Deep veins of natural acidity frame bright fruit and supple tannins. Well-defined by zesty acid and pliant tannins. Fruit notes of brambly red berries, pomegranate, hint of orange rind.
$38.00  / Bottle
Every year we at Bluxome produce an anomaly. Something unique that goes against our status quo.  We name it "The Hounds" after a particularly rabble-rousing group of ruffians and thieves that bucked the law in San Francisco in the 19th century

$38.00  / Bottle


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